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10 Secret Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Google

Google Secrets

Google opens the door to wonders but if I say Google homepage is no less than a Disney world that has secret hidden, it won’t be wrong.

We are opening to you a 10 secrets that Google hides it on the Google homepage.

#1 Flip A Coin

Google can help you of you are striving between two options. You can either flip a coin or just open google type ‘Flip A Coin’ and press ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’, and google will help you solve the issue in not time.

#2 Roll A Dice

Dice is important while playing board games but you can’t find a dice? Get the help of google. Type ‘Roll a dice’ press ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ and it will show result according to six sided dice. This way you can play any game easily.

#3 Askew

Falling or slanted? The results in the google search are slanted if you type ‘Askew’ in the search bar. The searches start to tilt a bit if you scroll down a bit.

#4 Zerg Rush

Typing  ‘Zerg Rush’  and pressing I’m Feeling Lucky button open a game with the small characters ‘o’. The search results start to destroy if not clicked with mouse pointer. Haha that seems interesting.

#5 Atari Breakout

Typing Atari Breakout in Google Images Search loads the Classic Atari Arcade Game on your device screen and you can play it easily.

#6 Google Pac-Man

Love old games? If you type ‘Google Pac-Man’ in the search than you can play  the seminal 1980s arcade game Pac-Man.

#7 Google Gravity

Press ‘I Feel Lucky’ after typing ‘Google Gravity’ and the whole Google homepage icons start to fall to bottom of the page. I guess if Newton had google it would have been easier.

#8 Do A Barrel Roll

Flip the Google homepage to an angle of 360 degrees. Press the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button after tying “Do A Barrel Roll”.

#9 Google Orbit

Google is a galaxy but have you ever seen it behaving like one. Just type ‘Google Orbit’ and click on the I’m Feeling Lucky, the icons and other things start to revolve around the central logo.It looks quite amazing.

#10 Offline Dinosaur Game

Don’t have a working internet connection but you can’t think of anything to do? Open google chrome and there you go Offline Dinosaur Game ia there for you to play and pass your free time.

Open the Google homepage and try at least one of Google secrets.

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