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3G Service will be launched in 257 Villages of Balochistan

3G Service


Fast internet service is necessity of time as everything is becoming digital. Still some areas of Pakistan are not provided with 3G service where some cities are experiencing 4G services.

Government of Pakistan is trying its beat to provide better network services in villages too. It will help to enhance the country’s financial and digital reach.

The same was said by Ishaq Dar, the Finance Minister of Pakistan during an event that was held in Islamabad.
On the same event it was declared that 3G service will be launched in 257 villages of Lasbela and Avaran district of Balochistan. The agreement, confirming the plan; was signed too.

Anusha Rehman was also present in the event. She is the Minister of State for Information Technology.

She said,

“Several projects for provision of IT services in remote areas of Baluchistan and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa are currently under implementation.”

She also revealed some other areas that are under consideration for the service. These areas are in Turbat, Gwader, Ketchh and Panjgur. She said that there are about 190 villages that are also being connected under the scheme.

She also said, “IT ministry is working for maximum digital connectivity in the country.”

She also disclosed that It ministry along with its partners has tried to link Pakistan digitally. They have together spread 6,400 kilometers of optic fiber under ground.

Let’s hope all the Pakistan gets good and efficient network services for a better living.

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