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Fast-growing Advertising agency Centric DXB expands to Karachi

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Dubai based strategy firm, Centric DXB will now have an office in Karachi. Recently the firm landed its feet in Qatar. The firm is one of the fastest growing companies in the Middle East.

The firm plans to open its first ever Asia Pacific office in Karachi, Pakistan. The plans are ready and they are just finding some suitable place for the office. According to executives the office opens next month.

The company was introduced in 2009, by Usman Khalid, CEO of Centric DXB. In late 2016 Babar Khan Javed was appointed chief content officer. He is responsible for the content and social media strategy. He graduated from Google’s “Squared” digital business transformation program.  Also he is one of the top writers on Quora for both Content Marketing and for Content Strategy.

Usman said about his plan of Asia Pacific Headquarter in Karachi,

“When we looked at the current marketplace, we believed that Pakistan. Specifically has a lot of ‘white space’ that, in 2017, will be huge for social and digital marketing.”

The company, which employs more than 50 people—35 in Dubai—will be introducing its C2 platform in Pakistan for the first time as well.

Centric is already running successful of dives in Kuwait, Qatar, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Oman. The office in Karachi will have up to 15 employees and will open in early 2017.

Babar Khan also shared his views saying,

“We’re building for the long term in the Asia Pacific. We’ll take a year to map the landscape. We want to make sure we fully understand the new cultures and audiences and markets in the Asia Pacific.”

Babar will lead the Karachi office.


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