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Careem Launches “Careem Shaadi”, A Service To Cater Wedding Events

Careem Shaadi


Lately Careem has been in the news almost every day. Careem is a ride-hailing service who has recently established itself in three major cities of Pakistan.

Now Careem introduced Careem Shaadi.

Careem Shaadi is specifically to cater the event specific needs of Matrimonial occasions.
It is easy and less time taking. It is designed for the comfort of hosts and guests both.

Wedding season is approaching and so is the list of guests being made. It is always a great problem for the people to properly explain the addresses and till the end the calls keep coming to confirm the venue. This problem has been solved by Careem.

Now the host can easily provide pick and drop fir the guests. The host only needs to create an account on Careem Shaadi and add guests to the list.

The captains of the rides are than responsible for the pick and drop of guests from anywhere. It depends on the host that how he pays for the ride. Either it’s free for customers or just provides some discount. The payment can be made from credit cards or Prepaid Careem Credits.

Have a wedding ahead? Are you responsible for making guest list and inviting them? Than this is the offer for you.
In order to book Careem Shaadi for a marriage ceremony, fill out this form.

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