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Daraz Introduces its New Enterprise Business Vertical ‘Daraz Tech’

Daraz Introduces its New Enterprise Business Vertical ‘Daraz Tech’


The IT market in Pakistan has been flourishing in recent years, prompting the need for a reputable service provider capable of providing end-to-end IT solutions and services.

Daraz, the largest seller and customer base in Pakistani ecommerce, is pleased to announce the launch of its new Enterprise business segment, “Daraz Tech,” which aims to provide enterprise-level support and services to potential clients through cutting-edge IT solutions and services. Daraz Tech’s goal is to fulfil Alibaba’s requirements by digitally transforming the region’s enterprise IT infrastructure and services. Alibaba’s cutting-edge technical capabilities and broad industry knowledge enable Daraz Tech. Our team is well-equipped to give the best personalised solutions to meet the IT needs of local businesses.

Enterprise customers may now acquire cost-effective IT hardware and related solutions with a smooth purchase experience and priority delivery through Daraz Priority delivery service (DEX) within their budgeted expenses.

Furthermore, Daraz (Alibaba Group), in collaboration with Alibaba Cloud, is bringing globally known Alibaba Cloud Services to the Pakistani market, marking an important milestone for the Pakistani IT Enterprise ecosystem. Daraz will provide direct access to Alibaba Cloud Services for public and private sector organisations, SMEs, and startups. Daraz Tech will provide Alibaba Cloud certified sales, pre-sales, and support to customers across the country. Daraz will also work closely with Alibaba Cloud’s startup programme, which will provide Pakistan’s startup environment with a variety of incentives and tools.

Alibaba Cloud also offers pay-per-use cloud services such elastic compute, data storage, relational databases, big data processing, anti-DDoS protection, and content delivery networks (CDN). It is the largest cloud computing firm in China and Asia Pacific, according to Gartner. In its April 2020 report, Gartner puts Alibaba Cloud first in Asia Pacific and third among the world’s top three CSP providers. Alibaba Cloud features data centres in 24 different regions and 74 different availability zones throughout the world.

Daraz Tech will also provide Enterprises with a variety of Infrastructure solutions available through its services offering, including but not limited to IT hardware (Servers, Routers, Switches, Firewalls, LED Monitors, Laptops), as well as a variety of IT managed services options via our established Partners and teams.

“Daraz Tech will be a new approach towards empowering organisations with globally renowned Alibaba Cloud services and IT infrastructure solutions through our recognised partners,” said Mr. Ali Raza, Division Head, Alibaba Cloud Pakistan, a seasoned professional in the IT industry. Daraz Tech intends to provide entire end-to-end solution delivery to its potential clients, in addition to local support and services and seamless distribution channels.”

This good news shows that, thanks to the tenacity of our business community and the government’s continued backing, Pakistan’s reputation as a contemporary and technologically imaginative nation is gradually improving.

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