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Facebook Again Invited To Open An Office In Pakistan


Facebook, which is owned by Meta, has been requested to reopen offices in Pakistan, much like it has in other nations like India. Facebook representatives have vowed to visit Pakistan shortly after being contacted by the Pakistani authorities about the situation.

The invitation was sent out during a meeting between Meta representatives from Romania and Federal Minister for Information Technology (IT) Syed Aminul Haq. For the Ministerial Conference of the International Telecommunication Union, around 186 ministerial delegations assembled in the European country (ITU PP-22). Romania’s capital city of Bucharest hosted the summit.

The IT Minister mentioned during the conference that Pakistan currently has over 40 million Facebook users and anticipates its internet user base to quadruple in the next years. Employees at Meta expressed happiness with Pakistan’s internet development and pointed out that the number of Facebook users in that nation has increased significantly in recent years.

The IT Minister used the chance to request that Facebook establish local offices in Pakistan. Officials from the massive social network company promised that they will soon visit the nation.

It’s important to note that this is not the first time a report of this kind has appeared. Facebook representatives allegedly discussed opening local offices in Pakistan with the director of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) earlier this year.

Both parties apparently spoke for more than 3.5 hours, covering a wide range of topics. The Director made it plain that, like other South Asian nations like India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, creating a local office in Pakistan was a prerequisite for Facebook.

Later, the FIA refuted rumours that Facebook intended to set up shop in Pakistan. Later that day, the agency released a press release claiming that all such accusations are unfounded and unconfirmed.

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