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Facebook Down | Messenger and Instagram Not Working Worldwide

Right now, lots of people can’t use Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram because these popular social media sites are having problems. Users are finding themselves logged out without warning and can’t get back in, even though they’re using the right information. It seems like this issue is affecting all of Facebook’s apps, including Instagram and Messenger.

The problem with Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram being down is worrying for businesses that use Facebook for advertising because it shows how important the platform is for connecting with people all over the world. People are going to other social media sites to complain and find out what’s going on, and the hashtag #FacebookDown is getting popular.

One person on Downdetector said,

“Messenger and Facebook kicked me out a few minutes ago. I logged back in, but got kicked out again after a second. Now I can’t log back in at all. When I first reported the problem, there were only 40 reports, but now there are over 5000, so it seems like Facebook is having some serious issues.”

Facebook hasn’t said anything yet about why this is happening or when it might be fixed.


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