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Google Translate Introduced Roman Urdu To English

Google Translate


The most used search engine is Google because of its user-friendly searching and Google Translate. It’s easier to search and translate on Google and it gives you fast and authentic results with many options.

There are many prominent features of Google that we use often like keyword search, time, length, weight and many other conversions, maps, meanings and pronunciations of words, addresses, contact numbers, flight schedules, blogs, Google drive and many more.

We have used ‘Google Translate’ feature at least once and we all are well aware of how efficient it is. It translates the word in any language you wish for.

Now Google Translate brings you a feature of Roman Hindi translation feature to its search algorithm.  As roman Hindi and Roman Urdu are almost same so this feature can be availed by both Pakistanis and Indians users.

After Hindi translation we are hoping Google introduces and Urdu search feature too. So people of Pakistan can search more efficiently.

Google has always worked for its users benefit. It has tried to make it efficient and easy for everyone to use. You can now just click on Google, write Roman Urdu, and there you go! Try now!


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