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Govt Plans Hike in Taxes on Mobile Phones


To help stabilise Pakistan’s worsening balance of payments, the government is considering doubling the regulatory tariff on mobile phone imports. According to sources, the increased charges on a single device will range from Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 44,000. The duty structure is divided into five tax slabs.

The Rs. 3000 mobile phone is valued at $ 30-100. The duty is proposed at Rs. 6ooo, the mobile set at Rs. 7500, based on a $ 101-200 worth. On a mobile phone worth Rs. 11000 and valued at $ 201-350, a levy of Rs. 15ooo is recommended. The suggested duty is Rs. 22000 on a Rs. 15000 mobile phone with a $ 351-500 valuation The duty is recommended at Rs. 30,000 on a mobile set for Rs. 22000, and Rs. 44,ooo on a mobile set worth more than $ 500.

It is also considering raising regulatory duties on a variety of other items in order to avoid the financial collapse feared by many experts. The regulatory duty on machinery will be raised by 10%, while the duty on household appliances will be raised to 50%.

Additionally, a 30 percent rise would be placed on the import of power generation apparatus, a ten percent increase on the import of steel products, and a 40 percent increase in the regulatory tax on ceramics.

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