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Healthcare startup myZindagi reduces the distance between patients and doctors

Healthcare startup myZindagi
Healthcare startup myZindagi


Anne Wilson Schaef once said, “Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable saving account.” Health is very important and we should take-great care of it.

Currently Pakistan is dealing with many problems yet health is an issue which is close to everyone’s heart & one has to face these issues at some point in their lives.

Health has become a problem due to increasing number of diseases. These diseases emanate from various issues such as pollution, malnutrition, natural inflicted diseases and so forth. To combat any disease people look in the direction of hospitals. To our dismay the condition of government hospitals is really poor.

Healthcare startup myZindagi reduces the distance between patients and doctors


The private hospitals charge too much that not everyone can afford the charges. This is the reasons many die daily due to lack of treatment facilities.

In such times people want to look for better options. Healthcare startup myZindagi aims to look after the rising health issues across Pakistan. It is determined to start the process of disease curing. It helps disease diagnosis and also in finding and consulting a doctor much easier.

About myZindagi:

myZindagi is the startup that deals in healthcare. The different features of the platform include one click booking of the appointments from doctors, Advice from top local doctors and it also features a video consultation option for the users. The service is available in more than 40 cities. It has more than 15,000 doctors to serve 24/7.

The startup is initiated by Haseeb Sattar. Haseeb is a technology veteran and the startup has been working, testing and improving on the product in stealth mode for the past one year.

The best thing about the whole service is the privacy it provides. The authorities believe that the health is totally personal issue and thus needs to be kept private. This is the reason; startup allows you to keep private data secured even from the platform.

The service is available to consumers both as an online portal and as iOS and Android mobile apps.

The following is a description of how myZindagi works:

Find and Book a doctor:

Finding a doctor in your locality has become easier with myZindagi. The online website allows you to search for the relevant doctor. It provides you with a list of doctors in your area. You can check and get an appointment of the doctor of your own choice. If you have any queries or want to know more about the doctor than you can simply leave a message or call the doctor for further details.

Moreover, 5the website allows you to order lab tests and get free testing by experienced technicians at the desired place. They will receive the report on myZindagi app. In addition to this medicines can also be ordered from the website but only after the doctor approves it.

The platform also allows getting a checkup in nearby hospital. Appointments and all other important information are provided by the website.

Video consultation

Using the video consultation feature, one can easily get treatment immediately from a doctor.  This feature will promote a better treatment method for a expectedly a huge population. Just as this sort of a feature has become popular in the US.

Doctor advice forum:

The FAQs are answered by a doctor and not a quack.

Other online forums are usually based on basic studies but healthcare startup myZindagi brings to you the answers from experienced and real doctors.

The list of questions is already updated. One can browse from the list or ask a new question.

Usually a forum has so many answers that are confusing. provides one perfect answer for the query. This makes it easy for the users to identify the problem and correct it.

During combating a disease, record of past is kept safe to identify and fully solve the issue. myZindagi has added great features for record management. Old prescriptions, lab tests and medical records are saved. With one click these can be shared with doctors. No More Files & pieces of paper to carry around.

Chughtai lab, Servaid+, Synnapps and Twilio have tied, themselves into a partnership with to bring to you a better medical experience.

With the slogan of, “Mera Doctor, Mere Sath”, Healthcare startup myZindagi promotes the availability of the doctors 24/7.

It is the need of the hour of Pakistan.


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