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Huawei Grand Reward Offers Amazing New Prices

Huawei Grand Reward


Huawei – the global brand of telecommunications has announced its amazing new prices for various Huawei devices as a reward for the tireless and hard working customers. People wanting to change their devices or buy a new phone, can now take advantage of this special offer, to buy a wide range of feature-rich Huawei smartphones at unbelievably low prices.

After the discount, Mate 9 is available at Rs. 64,999 , whereas it was Rs.69,999 earlier. The price of Honor 8 has been reduced to Rs. 41,999 from Rs. 47,400, similarly the price of Nova Plus has been decreased to Rs. 31,999 from Rs.38,899.

The Honor 6X is now worth Rs.27,499, coming down from Rs.28,499. In the lite series, both P9 lite and P8 lite have decreased to Rs. 21,999 and Rs. 18,999 from Rs. 25,899 and Rs.20,999 respectively.

Similarly, the prices of Y series have also reduced. Y6II, and Y5II have gone down to Rs.17,999, and Rs.11,999, from Rs.19,299 and Rs. 12,799 respectively. The Y6pro 4G and Y6pro3G have also gone down to Rs. 16,999 and Rs. 14,999, from Rs. 17,999 and Rs. 16,899 respectively. Honor 5X now stands at Rs.17,999 whereas it was Rs. 22,999 earlier. Lastly, Huawei GR3 is now Rs.15,999 whereas it was Rs.20,999 earlier.

“Satisfying the ever-changing demand of the customers has always been the top-most priority of Huawei, therefore we have discounted the prices a few most demanding Huawei devices. We want to deliver new products and experiences that ultimately improve and enhance life.”

said Mr. Blueking – Country Head of Huawei, Pakistan.



Huawei is rapidly emerging as an innovative industry leader within the electronics and telecommunications arena, aiming to deliver exceptional services to the rapidly expanding segment of smartphone users in Pakistan, who seek powerful global connectivity.

Huawei Grand Reward on smartphones are popular among Pakistanis as they offer with amazing deals. And young generation adopt Huawei as brand and now becoming youth icon. Huawei latest phones are off-course worthy and affordable with rich features.

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