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iDroid Balr x7 Smartphone – The Latest Buzz in Pakistan

iDroid Pakistan


Mostly we say that with high price comes high quality and with low price comes low quality stuff. But the USA based iDROID company (which has recently entered in Pakistan android smartphone market) has proved that every time it doesn’t happen.

It understands the customers’ needs and based upon its understanding, it produces the best phones with amazing features while maintaining the complete balance between the price and the quality. It focuses on producing good quality phones keeping in mind the needs and the comfort of its customers.

It has produced some of the very famous smartphone sets including iDroid King which has 13MP rear camera, 5 MP front cameras with an appealing design. IDroid Royal V5 was popular among the iDroid users since it has a very outstanding shape with straight edges so it enabled the users to hold it and continue talking for long hours without any tiredness. The rest of the features of iDroid Royal V5 were same as of iDroid King.

The iDroid Tango 2 has awe-inspiring shape. What made its shape so amazing? the 5”IPS screen that covered its front panel from edge to edge. Adding to its beauty, were the curved edges of the phone that made its appearance so attractive. Its OS was Android Lollipop 5.0. The feature that really hit the customers was its Gorilla Glass 5” screen and a very powerful front camera from which selfies could be captured easily with its powerful flash.

I am sure you guys present a smartphone as a gift to your acquaintance, like on birthday you give a smartphone to your friend, on wedding you gift the phone to your new life partner, or giving it to your children on their graduation.

iDroid makes it much easier for you to buy and present the smartphones on such occasions to your loved ones as it provides you the high quality phone with the perfect balance with the price.

Now I am going to talk about the BIG news that has spread buzz everywhere. Yes you heard it right! The iDroid Company recently launched iDroid Balr X7 in Pakistan with its official partners It has such amazing features that will surely compel you to buy the phone at the very moment you get to know about it.

Some of the features include its 5.5” screen, front camera 5MP, Rear Camera MP with which you can capture amazing pictures with your friends and family. It has Android 5.1 lollipop which surprises you with its super-fast operating speed. Its weight is just 85g that means you can easily carry it and use it. No need of feeling pressure in your fingers due to the heavy weight of the phone.

Moreover it has Gesture technology which enables you to have split screen and do multiple tasks simultaneously, swipe tabs in chrome, two finger swipes down, zoom in using one figure, Google Keyboard Gestures, and Gestures using Third Party Apps.

In short you can describe iDroid Balr X7 as the android phone which is light weight, small size, fast built in 100 times fast memory, cheap and fulfills the requirements for the common public.

Don’t you want to buy such an incredible android phone with such awesome features? I am sure you definitely want to use it.

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