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Indian Hackers Attack ARY Digital YouTube Channel


ARY is one of Pakistan’s most popular television networks. It has also grown in popularity in recent years as the only television network supporting Imran Khan’s PTI political party. The ARY Digital YouTube channel was targeted by some Indian hackers, according to a disturbing revelation released today. As a result of this occurrence, the YouTube channel was hacked for a while. After some time, though, it was successfully recovered from Indian hackers.

The ARY administration claims that

The YouTube channel was stolen for a short time by Indian hackers, who also tried to harass the users, however the channel was quickly reclaimed.

It’s worth mentioning that the cyberattack on Pakistan’s largest data centre, run by the FBR, took place on August 14, the country’s independence day. Following that, the FBR presented the finance minister with a report on the cyberattack based on technical inputs and preliminary results.

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