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Is Apple Gearing Up to Enter the Cryptocurrency Space?


Apple recently posted a recruitment announcement on its website, suggesting that the company may soon support cryptocurrency payments. It is understandable that the tech industry is excited about this.

As reported by Forbes, the tech giant posted a job position for a “Business Development Manager – Alternative Payments”,this requires candidates to have experience in handling cryptocurrencies.

”The Apple Wallet, Payments and Commerce (WPC) team is looking for an experienced business development manager to lead an alternative payment partnership. We are looking for professionals who have proven themselves in global alternative and emerging payment solutions,” the job post stated.

One of the key qualifications required for this position is  alternative payment providers (such as digital wallets) or in conjunction with other payment providers. Providers have more than 5 years of experience in cooperation. , BNPL, fast payment, cryptocurrency, etc.

Apple is cautious when it comes to cryptocurrency. The company banned the use of cryptocurrency wallets in its App Store in 2014, but later changed its decision and now allows the use. However, Apple prohibits the mining of cryptocurrency on the iPhone and does not allow it to be used Buy cryptocurrency with your Apple Card credit card.

According to a research report from the Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets, Apple has a “clear opportunity” to provide a mechanism for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, a move that will allow the company to gain market share immediately.

By using world-class software and a secure ecosystem, Apple can solve the problems that people face when acquiring encrypted assets because they understand your customer’s laws and other regulations. The company provides a closed system to prevent malicious activities.

The report says, Secure and instant access to buyers and sellers, and added that if Apple, which already has a wallet app, goes this way, it may make the United States a world leader in crypto assets, thereby reducing the possibility of the government shutting down the industry.

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