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KPK Police Crime Fighting Unit With Modern Technologies

KPK Police


The Police of KPK (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) is cruising towards a non-social institution indeed set up to safe guard people, not to safe guard the corrupt Politicians! With modernization in perhaps all the fields KPK Police has achieved a lot in previous 2 years.

There were several points where the KP police improved on the IT front. These include:

SOS Alert Service for example started 2 years ago as an alert for education institutions at their time of need! Police training workshops at educational institutes, both private and government owned were started on the directive of IGP KP Mr. Nasir Khan Durrani. The participants were given a live demonstration of how the SOS alert system works and how to register for it.

Police IT School and Upgraded Infrastructure

Police IT school was established in September 2015 to train Police Officers over effective use of new systems! Every Police Recruit was forced to undergo training before receiving promotion. Since its establishment, the IT school has trained more than 2000 police officers and officials in different computer courses. The courses are:

Infrastructure facilities have not been kept back! New Police Stations have been built in various Districts laden with Modern technology providing the Best Base to the Best Law Enforcing Institution.

Other Distinction:

3 weeks ago Rafia Qaseem Baig made history, becoming the first female member of the Bomb Disposal Unit and did so denying several Jobs! On doing so she made it clear that she didn’t have a grain of fear in her to serve her country.

With the influence of KPK Police taking aims at further growth, others need to step up! The reforms in Police made by KPK Government provide an example to the departments lacking behind due to Corruption.

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