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Lahore Science Mela (Festival) 2017 Will Start From 28th January

Lahore Science Mela

Science is the poetry of reality.

Science in life is applicable in every field.

Aiming at application of sciences and its applications along with colorful and glorious culture of Lahore Khwarizmi Science Society is planning to conduct Lahore Science Mela 2017.

The dates of the Lahore Science Mela are announced and it is starting on 28 of January 2017.  It will be a two days event ending on 29 of January 2017. The venue announced by authorities is Ali Institute of Education Lahore.

Science plays an important role in our life but yet our society is not able to accept its importance. To bridge a gap between the two sides. Khwarizmi Science Society is conducting this Mela. Mela is loved by everyone. The name itself is enough for the people. If you ask about synonym of Mela most people will answer you: Fun, science along with enjoyment is a miracle.

The authorities have claimed that this is the first time such an event is going to be organized in Lahore this is a brilliant way to combine science with Lahori Culture. Melas (Festivals) can be visited by everyone to explore the under-rated fun miracles of science.

Lahore Science Mela 2017 will cover several key modules that include the Human Health, Meet the Scientists etc.

The innovators, scientists, educators, doctors, engineers and the general public from all over Pakistan can send their applications to be part of this splendid event. Not only attending the event but people can also participate as exhibitors, sponsors, volunteers, and partners.

Fun and Science make the best combination. So have fun and learn

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