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Marham – Find a Doctor, healthcare startup transforming health sector in Pakistan

Healthcare Startup


In an effort to introduce revolution in the healthcare sector of Pakistan and to ensure the availability of authentic and experienced doctors within a user’s vicinity, “MARHAM – Find a Doctor” has been introduced as a service to facilitate both the patients and the doctors.

Started in January 2016, Healthcare Startup MARHAM is an online platform, which is to provide patients with a list of validated doctors based on their location. Doctor validation is done with assistance with the consultation of Pakistan Medical and Dental Association, hence also resolving the issue of quacks and incompetent doctors in the Pakistani market.

MARHAM can be accessed by website  or you can download Marham mobile apps Android and iOS application.

The word MARHAM is derived from Urdu Language, which means “to cure someone.”

CEO Marham, Mr. Ehsan Imam says,

“MARHAM is not just a product. It is a vision, under whose umbrella many different products come. The combined purpose of those products is to offer a better healthcare experience to the patients and the doctors.”

MARHAM is a Lahore based startup that is currently targeting 12 major cities in Pakistan. However, it is looking to rapidly extend its outreach to the second and third tier cities as well. MARHAM’s range of products allows the customers to check on the best doctors in Pakistan. A patient can check the personal profile of the doctor to check the expertise and other patients’ reviews of that doctor.

Once the patient is satisfied, he can digitally book an appointment, by the press of a button, and then meet the doctor. Moreover, Healthcare startup MARHAM also gives a public forum that help the patients and doctors to interact virtually and get second opinion.

Other than that, MARHAM’s products also make lives easier for the doctors by giving them multiple services that can help them in getting more patients and ensure the smooth influx of existing patients. That particular product is called “Dashboard”. It works as a scheduler for the doctors, where they get live information about the status of their appointments. The doctors are notified whenever a new appointment is placed. It also gives doctors the discretion to cancel or postpone all appointments with one click.

Team Marham with the founder and CEO, Ehsan Imam, in the exact center.

MARHAM also serves as a marketing platform for the doctors. There are some good doctors in the healthcare sector, who are unable to effectively market themselves due to any reason. MARHAM offers them a platform to market themselves and their services. MARHAM not only facilitates marketing on their own website, but also helps doctors to manage their social media pages or their website.

With a little over one year, Healthcare Startup MARHAM has achieved climaxes of success. It has successfully listed down more than 9000 accredited doctors, more than 30,000 thousand people have downloaded MARHAM application and there are more than 31,000 members in the MARHAM’s Facebook group. Numerous doctors have also subscribed to MARHAM’s dashboard and marketing services.

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