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Meta to Compete Directly with Apple for its Dominance


Mark Zuckerberg informed colleagues that Meta will directly compete with Apple in the development of AR and VR platforms as the race to realise the metaverse got underway.

A Meta employee asked what effect Apple’s absence from the Metaverse Standards Forum had on the Meta environment in June. At a staff meeting, Zuckerberg reportedly stated that Apple will compete with Meta to choose “what direction the internet should go in.”

The grim rivalry, according to Zuckerberg, is a battle of ideals and ideas. They believe they offer a better user experience by handling everything themselves and working closely together. And we believe that there is a lot that can be done to increase specialisation among various companies, which will allow for the development of a much wider ecosystem.

Since shifting Facebook’s company name to Meta, Zuckerberg has been promoting the idea of interoperability for the metaverse, or what he sees as the following major chapter in computing after mobile phones. The Metaverse Open Standards Group was recently founded thanks to a collaboration between Meta and Microsoft, Epic Games, and other parties.

Despite the fact that Apple hasn’t formally announced any augmented reality or virtual reality products, CEO Tim Cook has expressed interest in the field.

A high-end Apple VR visor geared at virtual reality and gaming is among the several AR and VR devices that Apple is rumoured to be developing. Apple is also rumoured to be developing a more compact and lightweight “Apple Glass” wearable that could be paired with an iPhone.

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