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Microsoft’s Twin Detector Tool Helps You To Find Your Look-alike

Twin Detector Tool


Always wanted a TWIN? Here is your chance to find one.

TwinsOrNot is powered by Microsoft Project Oxford, a beta version of a set of APIs, SDKS and services freely available to developers to make their applications more intelligent and engaging

Now you can also find your doppelganger by using this website. The Twin Detector Tool is recently launched by Tech giant recently. It is all about matching your picture with your twin. It allows one to compare the face from billions of people around the world the website is going to provide you with the picture and name of your twin. This sounds interesting to me.

The statement was published on company’s blog,

“TwinsOrNot is a website that lets you select any two photos, compare the faces and provides you with a degree of likeness’’

Its format is set up on system that carries out facial recognition. For sure it is fun but it is easy to use to. All you need to do is upload your photo. The website itself will browse and find you, your twin.

All credits and praise for developing this site go to Mr. Mat Velloso. This guy created whole thing in just few hours.

Microsoft’s earlier project proved to be an internet sensation. Coupled with the new facial recognition service, the two websites perfectly showcase advanced analysis capabilities of machine learning API’s. now features a visual refresh and new capabilities including using Bing integration to better compare to your favorite celebrity.

Don’t wait just experience this new website and enjoy.

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