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MIT Has Launched Startup Accelerator To Fund Scientific Innovations

MIT The Engine Startup Accelerator

MIT mechanical engineering professor Jeehwan Kim (Courtesy Lillie Paquette/MIT School of Engineering)


Want to work on innovations with a potential impact on human society? If yes! MIT has launched a startup accelerator for your help and assistance. The launched project is name “The Engine“, describing its aims perfectly. It works as an engine built a more stable society, where science is not just a study but part of people’s daily life. This projects there for aims to take all scientific developments to a new level and introduce them to people and their lives. The Engine is expected to begin operations in early 2017

This will support all the startups but its focus is toward the startups who want to do something new in field of technology. The areas they are looking forward to work on are for example innovation in robotics, biotech, manufacturing, healthcare, clean energy and nanotechnology. Though all these startups have a great importance but lack of investment and support hinders their path thus MIT is determined to provide better opportunities to such startups so that they can flourish and gain benefit.

From money to access to industry this project will help startups in every field. Their startup accelerator will provide you investment, they will check your products, in presence of experts they will point out errors where you can improve. It’s just one thing you need to do. Plan and act upon it. You should have a really innovated idea for product to start. It will also have an online marketplace where innovators and entrepreneurs can connect with one another.

“The Engine” is expected to be headquartered in Cambridge, US. MIT helped raise an initial fund of USD 150 million, with USD 25 million contributed by MIT’s fund. MIT’s executive vice president and treasurer Israel Ruiz said during an interview, “It’s open to the regional strengths around technology and science innovation,” he said. “We want to make sure we work with as many partners as possible.”

These kinds of startup accelerators are beneficial for all the entrepreneurs and industrialists. They help to flourish business and earn a handsome amount of money


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