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4 Websites to Book Movie Tickets Online in Pakistan

Movie Tickets Online

4 Websites to Book Movie Tickets Online in Pakistan

Cinemas have their own charm of watching movies. All of us have been to cinemas to wider screens and enjoyment. At times it happens that you plan a movie and at the time you arrive the cinema the tickets have finished. This not on ruins your plan but the mood too.

No more mood swings! You can buy the tickets for the movie by sitting at home. Now the tickets are just a single click away. This is very good news for all the movie lovers and the ones who have been through the pain of missing the shows due to finished tickets.

We have listed down four easy ways book movie tickets in Pakistan earlier online at home. All thanks to internet and increasing technology awareness.

Have a look at the 4 ways: is used for easy booking of tickets for cinemas and buses in Pakistan. In recent years it has made its mark in the country. offers tickets of cinemas present in the big cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. The tickets are available at:

Karachi: Atrium Cinemas

Lahore: Cinepax: Fortress Square, Cinestar Township, Super Cinema Vogue Tower, Cinestar Xinhua Mall, Imperial Cinema

Islamabad: Cinegold Plex, The Arena Islamabad, Centaurus Cineplex

How to book a Ticket using BookMe?

It is easy and convenient. Just open the website and click book. Enter the number of seas required and the preference. Then pay online and enjoy the movie.

Payment Methods:

You can pay by the following easy methods:

Kindly note here that BookMe will charge you Rs.25 for handling charges per ticket, while home delivery will cost an extra Rs.25.

Download BookMe for Android.

Being available in 8 major cities of Pakistan this is yet another popular e-ticketing platform in Pakistan. 50,000 people have got themselves registered and the site has sold 10,000 tickets.

It is available in the 8 cities that include:

How to book a Ticket using EasyTickets?

Visit the website and click on the movie. It will direct you to movies page. Add the number of the seats and preference to book. Click Buy and enjoy the show.

Payment Methods:

Use these easy methods to pay:

Credit/Debit Card

Mobile Wallet Services: easypay, JazzCash, UBL OmniPay, SIM SIM

Kindly note that EasyTickets will charge you an extra Rs.20 for handling charges per ticket.

Download EasyTickets for Android | iPhone

It is available in major cities and is quite famous. This is easier to use and navigate.

The website is available for the people of :

How to book a Ticket using Showtimes?

You just need to visit and select your cit, movie and cinema and book. After that pay and enjoy the show.


Pay via these easy methods:

Remember that showtimes will charge you an extra Rs.30 for handling charges per ticket, while home delivery will cost an extra Rs.30.

Download Showtimes for Android | iPhone


Limited yet famous and efficient. It is one of the best e-ticketing platform. You can only buy tickets for Cinepax cinemas across the country through it.

How to book a Ticket using Cinepax?

Visit Cinepax’s website. You will be asked to select your city if this is your first time visiting the website.

Select your movie, cinema, date, show time, and the number of tickets under the Quick Tickets section on the home page and click Get tickets now. Pay and enjoy the movie.


Pay by these easy methods:

Not forgetting to mention that Cinepax will charge you an extra Rs.25 for handling charges per ticket.


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