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Netsol Technologies Wins Platinum Award at IT Exporter Awards 2016

Netsol Technologies


Highest IT Exporter Awards 2016 were held in Islamabad by Ministry of Information Technology today.

The event was sponsored by various IT companies. Netsol Technologies won the award of Highest IT Exporter 2016.

There were 10 categories, among them NetSol won Platinum award over $20 Million. It is a platform that provides enterprise application solutions to the organization around the world.

There were many companies present at the event.

Those include:

NetSol aims to provide solutions of different IT problems to different firms. It is the leading platform that does this work.

About NetSol Technologies

NetSol Technologies is Pakistan based world leading software firm, It provides software solutions for asset finance, automotive finance, leasing management, lending, contract origination and activation.

NetSol Technologies, Inc., incorporated on March 18, 1997, is a provider of information technology (IT) and enterprise software solutions. Salim Ghauri is the founder of company. Salim Ghauri emerged as an IT entrepreneur in 1995 and swept the market off its feet as a smart typhoon.  Salim Ghauri is a renowned IT Entrepreneur recognized globally today. He is a ubiquitous name in Pakistan’s tech circles.

Salim  Ghauri quoted once,

The hardest part of being boss is the decision. Once that is set, your enthusiasm and tenacity move you forward.

Due to his leading tech skills, NetSol Technologies is one of the best known figures from the Pakistani IT industry.

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