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New PTA Taxes for iPhone SE (2022)


In the most recent few months, the PTA taxes on imported cell phones have climbed dramatically. The decline of the rupee and limited State Bank reserves may be to blame for this. Therefore, the government’s current goal is to prevent imports in order to maintain economic stability. However, we won’t think it’s appropriate for a typical user who only imports phones for personal use. This is a smart step for retailers who import phones in large quantities. Anyway, we’ll talk about the new PTA taxes for the iPhone SE 2 and iPhone SE 3 in this blog.


Devices Tax on Passport (PKR) Tax on CNIC (PKR)
iPhone SE (2020) 53,910 64,801
iPhone SE (2022) 50,439 60,983


As you can see, the tax for importing an iPhone SE is a huge PKR 50k–60k. The tax pushes the whole cost of the phone above many consumers’ means of affordability. We urge the PTA, the country’s telecom regulator, to waive or reduce tariffs for consumers who simply import smartphones for their own use.

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