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Online hotel bookings increased during summer season

Online hotel bookings


A positive change can be witnessed in tourism industry of Pakistan. The report by said that there has been a great increase in online hotel bookings and thus it can be concluded that the country has experienced a great incoming and local tourists. is the best site for online booking of hotels. They plan tour trip with such keenness that all hassle vanishes at once. offers very secure and confirmed bookings in all major hotels and guest houses across Pakistan.

Pakistan is a beautiful country that has everything one needs to admire. From high hill mountains to the areas like hot deserts add to the beauty of Pakistan All these places are of immense significance and have historic importance.

Jovago has always kept improving their discount offers and thus that has lead to the increase of online bookings and the efforts have been done by whole team.

The CEO of Jovago Asia, Nadine Malik was of the view,

“Pakistan is a country that has immense potential for domestic tourism. Pakistan’s perception as a whole is improving and eventually has increased the growth of this sector in local market. In line with its commitment to facilitate travelers, Jovago’s aim is to promote and encourage the positive and true image attached to the country by offering pocket-friendly hotel accommodations across Pakistan that will spur domestic tourism.


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