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Pakistan-China Joint Chamber to Transform IT Sector



It is time for revolutionizing the information technology. For this Pakistan and China again joined hands. Pakistan-China Joint Chamber of Commerce is on a mission to being this revolution in association with China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

From Sichuan a delegation was sent by Chinese government to meet the President of PCJCCI who is Wang Zihai. The delegation was from BODA software solutions and consisted of three people. The delegation was led by Qui Ziynn and it aimed to strengthen old friendship between the two countries and their IT Sector.

The Secretary General M. Salahudin Hanif of PCJCCI on regarding this said,

” The IT and Telecom ministries are collaborating to form ‘e-commerce gateway framework’ to open more opportunities in online commercial ventures and also Pakistan’s mobile gaming and animation industry earns millions per month by developing and exporting mobile applications.”

He also praised the efforts of Government of Pakistan in this regard.

The commettiee also told about some recent works that CPEC is looking on to. The areas they are focusing are energy and infrastructure development. Both the countries have always been in good relations and have gained a lot of benefit. Hope this is also the project that brings change and betterment in IT field.


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