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Pakistan Earns $1.9 Billion from IT Services’ Export in 9 Months

Pakistan Earns $1.9 Billion from IT Services’ Export in 9 Months


According to PBS, Pakistan earned US$1,947,902 million in the first three quarters of fiscal year 202122 by delivering various Information Technology (IT) services in other nations.

Computer services exports increased by 31.38 percent from July to March (202122), rising from US$1,191,160 million previous fiscal year to US$1,564,922 million this fiscal year. Software consulting services exports climbed 46.84 percent from US$393.791 million to US$578.241 million, while hardware consulting services exports increased 304.18 percent from US$0.407 million to US$1.645 million.

Software-related services exports and imports both climbed by 41.59 percent from US$294.965 million to US$417.631 million, while repair and maintenance services exports increased by US$1.$130 million from $0.399 million.

Other computer services exports also climbed by 12.89 percent, from $501,598 million to $566 million.275 million.IT services exports, on the other hand, surged by 37.54 percent over the same period, from $3,010 million to $4,140 million.

News agency services exports climbed by 69.82 percent from $1,640 million to $2,785 million in information services, while other information services exports declined 1.09 percent from $1,370 million to $1.355 million. Telecom services exports increased 21.16 percent to $378.84 billion from $312.69 billion in the previous year, according to the data.

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