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Pakistan National Assembly Passes Bill Of Council for Science and Technology

Pakistan National Assembly


On 21 November, 2016 Pakistan National Assembly passed a bill under name of  “The Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST) Bill, 2016”.

“This organization will provide a forum for coordination of science and technology with national and international agencies and identification of priority subjects with reference to their bearing on socio-economic development and national security.
Pakistan Council for Science and Technology is involved in policy making, planning, and implementation and carrying out policy studies”, The Minister for Law and Justice Zahid Hamid said when the 25 clause bill was moved to the House.

According to Zahid Hamid PCST was established through resolution and that it is mandatory for it to advise government on science and technology related issues on national level.

PCST aims to carry out strategic planning of Research and Development (R&D). R&D refers to the investigative activities a business conducts to improve existing products and procedures or to lead to the development of new products and procedures.  It aims to bring up evolution of scientific research.

This acts as a platform of senior and experiences scientists and technologists who are associated with research work since years and are quite successful.  It aims to act as a “Think Tank” to the Federal Government on policies and problems of national importance in respect of science and technology.  In short this council is to encourage consultancy services for scientists and technologists.

The Council is one having the freedom to act independently. It works under Ministry of Science and Technology Minister for Science. With total of 27 members which include Chief Scientist nominated by the Ministry of Defense, President, Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industries and five leading scientists and technologists appointed by the Government the council works for better research work in Pakistan. The council has representations from all the provinces so equal opportunity is provided to all the provinces as per the demand of the province.

We are hoping to see new discoveries soon. This council no doubt is another step towards success in field of science and technology.

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