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Pakistani Freelancer Made Millions Dollars by Selling a WordPress Theme

Pakistani Freelancer

It’s no easy thing to sell a WordPress theme, especially as a new developer or freelancer. However, for those who grasp a few concepts to sprout sales, there’s no end to the money one can make.

One such individual discovered this himself. The Avada theme, found at Envato marketplace, is a top selling theme. Its developer, Themefusion, crossed the 10 million dollar marker not too long ago.

A normal license for Avada costs $59, and since its creation it has received over 200,000 sales.

Muhammad Haris Zulfiqar a Pakistani Freelancer and Luke Beck have limited themselves to Avada only on ThemeForest. There store showcases no other products unlike other freelancers who sell WordPress themes, as well as Plugins and other items.


Luke Beck with his family in Florida


Luke Beck is a designer based in the United States with a plethora of experience in web and print design.  He designed the layouts and interfaces of Avada, and he also has his own store at ThemeForest. Haris, a freelancer who works out of his house in Lahore, Pakistan began ThemeFusion after meeting Beck online in 2011. He mainly writes code for Avada.


Muhammad Haris – co-creator of Themefusion & Avada


Haris began his career as a freelancer, and is still happy with both the quality of his work and the money he makes. However, after working alone for a while, he teamed up with Beck to being developing a WordPress Theme.

Their work paid off. Haris is a known millionaire in Pakistan, having made his millions freelancing.


There are many Pakistani Freelancer alone, many of which possess an array of talents that allow them to do their jobs effectively. It is a rapidly growing profession, especially in Pakistan, where more people are looking at their computers for employment.

Like Haris, it’s possible for any freelancer to earn money online without relying on the government.

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