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Pakistani students develop robotic legs for disabled persons

robotic legs


Wearable Robotic Legs around a very good idea. To help the disable people three students from the leading university of Pakistan, Usman Institute of Technology in Karachi recently prepared a  model for wearable robotic legs.

These are designed to support disabled persons and help them to move and function on their own again.

Moutasim Abbasi,  Adil Hanif and Muhammad Usman are the three intelligent and innovative students who developed the design.



Moutasim said,

“We have developed this exoskeleton model for paraplegic to assist them in the functions of sitting, standing and walking,”

The boys worked hard for four month at Pakistan Auto Parts Show that was held at the Expo Center in Karachi. The boys tried to complete the robotic legs task and they were mentored by Associate Professor Engineer Raza Jafri.

A total of Rs. 150,000/- only was the total expense that came in constructing the model.

According to the reports if the battery of the robotic legs is fully charged it can work up to 30 – 45 minutes.

Charged battery runs for 30 to 45 minutes.

Adil mentioned, “This wearable exoskeleton will help paraplegic get rid of wheelchairs and crutches.”

He further added, “Six motors attached to the system will function as an alternative for major joints such as hips, knees, and ankles for positioning the upper body, thighs, shank, and ankle.”

A person  weighing 85 kilograms can use these legs. If machine is customized further than the weight limit can exceed.

Moutasim also said,

“We are planning to commercialize this prototype at a very reasonable cost for the paraplegic that would be a fraction of the price of similar projects in Japan and Berkeley.”

Such projects will not only help disabled people but also will contribute to a well developed country.

Pakistani students are really making Pakistan feel proud. People surprised when technology news in robotic fields are coming from Pakistan. If you remember, few days ago a NUST Student developed a robot for a restaurant in Multan. This news got viral last month.


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