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This Pakistani Startup help you to reduce obesity through Technology

reduce Obesity


Pakistan’s first weight loss mobile app Nutright offers different diet and workout plans.

Pakistani food is so yummy and it can’t stop you eating, fast food availability is exacerbating the obesity problem in Pakistan. When it comes to Obesity, Pakistan lands a 9th spot in the list. As per the latest studies, every one out of four adults lands in the premises of the overweight category. To change the trend has a revolution in life styles arrived, with people opting for fitness centers and health care programs.

Nutright is a preventive company aimed at helping people prevent obesity by encouraging healthy eating choices and exercise with the help of technology. By using a mobile and web platform, it provides users with personalized diet and fitness solutions by taking into account their daily lifestyles, goals and medical conditions.

It offers Pakistan’s first Mobile 24/7 active Weight loss applications. The only thing users have to do is mention Body details and the application would perform an analysis and suggest a diet and workout plan for them. Added to this the Company Cells Nutriceutical Product such as juices and protein shakes for a perfect, body sustaining life style.

Nutright’s staff also constitutes of the Endurance Experts, behavior therapist and registered dietitians so to provide the best suggestions. Nutright has also developed an Electronic Medical Report aimed at providing services to Professionals.

The Clients register their details, making it easy for the staff to checkup Client’s progress. No doubt Umar Majeed talked about Nutright as a preventive healthcare company that helps people make healthy eating choices and exercise with the help of technology

The idea of the application was born in CEO of Nutright, Umar Majeed who recently was quoted saying” I had always been obese and I used to weigh 135 kg initially. After losing 55 kg, I realized that it was very hard to lose weight when you don’t have anyone pushing you. That’s how I came up with the idea for the company. I noticed that there was no easy solution in the market that was both affordable and effective.”

The Nutright application has been a successful venture. The Android application has been downloaded 40,000 times since September and to date they have 10,000 active users and 300 premium users. The success is pretty high even for someone like Umar Majeed, who sold his first startup called Honextech aged 15.

he said,

“I didn’t expect such a positive response from a Pakistani audience but we have had customers from the armed forces, the Navy and even from far away villages such as Chaman,”

Success has encouraged Umar to think about the expansion into the Gulf where over 43.5% people suffer obesity.

Although Fitness-freaks have appeared throughout the World, one thing to be taken into account us be the diverse World we live in. In the World we live Trends end sooner than they start. Lets just hope this is not one of them, except if you suffer from the malady itself.

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