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Google Invited Pakistani Tech Entrepreneur Fakhar Alam to Deliver a Talk

Pakistani Tech Entrepreneur


Soon you will be able to see Fakhar Alam delivering a talk on art, technology, aviation and Pakistan at Google Headquarters in California.

Fakhar Alam is a successful  actor, singer and Pakistani Tech Entrepreneur.

The multi talented guy was asked to join the head quarters of Google by the Google authorities.

Falhar Alam is best known for introducing the pop music in Pakistan. Other than this this achievement he has served excellently in fields such as acting, singing and as an host and VJ too.

Bolain Kya Baat Hai is a show that is aired on GEO Super and is hosted by Fakhar Alam. The show format is such that Fakhar interviews different sports personalities and brings the inner side of the players out for the fans.

Besides this, Fakhar is the CEO and the founder of EzDaam. EzDaam is the Pakistani internet startup that aims to provides the users a one stop shopping experience. The customers can get all the discount offer and benefits while shopping online by sitting at home.

Initially it has set its feet in Karachi but the authorities plan to extend the business across Pakistan.

This is really a joyous moment not only for Fakhar but for all of us as Google has invited a Pakistani to be the part of the event.

Tech Entrepreneur Fakhar will spend the day a Googleplex in Mountain View, California.

There he will be sharing his thoughts on art, technology, aviation and Pakistan’s technology landscape with Google employees.

This is not the first time a Pakistani Tech Entrepreneur is invited to the Google headquarter. Before him Rahat Fateh Ali Khan was invited for a musical concert. Surely the credit is that Fakhar is the first ever Pakistani to deliver a lecture to the Google employees.

The event is planned for the 1st of August, 2017. The venue decided is u Mountain View California.

We really are proud of the multi-talented guy. Hope he will keep making us proud in the future.

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