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This Pakistani woman creates world’s first hand-stitched Quran


For Muslims all over the world, the best thing to do is to do something for the religion Islam. Holy Quran stands as the sacred book. A Pakistani woman has shown her devotion and love for Islam by crafting the Holy Quran.

Zamurd Khan is a Pashtun woman from Pakistan belonging from Karachi’s Korangi area has recently completed the hand stitching of Holy Quran. She has been doing hand stitching of Holy Quran from years.

In the 1,400 years no one ever as presented a hand stitched Holy Quran. The Pashtun woman has given years of her life to serve the religion.

The Hand Stitched Quran:

The beautiful Holy Quran is divided into 30 chapters. Zamurd very delicately and precisely has worked on the each sipara separately to complete Holy Quran.

The pages of the Sacred Book are made up of cotton and the borders of each page are decorated with green border that has golden silk embroider done beautifully on it.

The starting page on each chapter is equally decorated ad the Book has been stitched with green colored thread. Zamurd also stitched a verified Urdu translation of each Arabic phrase in the book.

According to the information provided Zamurd Khan completed the Book in 7 years and 6 months. This is a great effort she has put throughout the years.

Due to the weight of cotton and embroidery that has been done for decoration and stitching the Book weighs about 63 kg. The book is now kept in the storage box for protection.

About Zamurd Khan

She is the lady of 31 years and has been doing this task since about 7 and half years. She said that she had no idea that the task would take too long to complete. Surely it’s her patience and effort that has worked and she was able to complete the task. She is an example of determination and devotion.

After completing the project, she said:

“I am very happy that Allah (SWT) gave me the knowledge and idea to make this. I have never been so happy in my life.”



Her mother says, “I am proud of Zamurd’s hard work and love for Allah.” Zamurd’s brother, Sana ullah, added,

“She did not go to any weddings, family functions, parks or anything that a common man would consider enjoyable. Zamurd had no interest in anything except completing this Quran.”

Her love will surely pay off in the world and the world hereafter.


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