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PAYMOB Collaborates with Bank Alfalah to Drive Digital Payment Acceptance in Pakistan

 PAYMOB Collaborates with Bank Alfalah to Drive Digital Payment Acceptance in Pakistan


Paymob, MENA’s market-leading digital payments service, has collaborated with Bank Alfalah, one of Pakistan’s major private banks. The two firms have teamed up to launch and support merchant acquisition and integration services in Pakistan. Over 100,000 merchants will be empowered as a result of the agreement, which will also see the debut of new innovative e-commerce acceptance services for online retailers.

This is Paymob’s first collaboration outside of Egypt, and it’s part of the company’s MENAP expansion strategy. Bank Alfalah’s collaboration with Paymob will promote financial inclusion and pave the path for quick payment acceptance, in line with Bank Alfalah’s goal of supporting merchant acquisition and integration services across the country.

For the first time in Pakistan, Paymob’s advanced solutions such as payment gateway integration, POS terminals, and Soft POS will be used to enable an instant onboarding feature, which is enabled by the State Bank of Pakistan’s recently published digital onboarding regulations and is one of many positive steps the State Bank has taken to enable MSME Merchants in order to further digitise the ecosystem.

Given the variety of retail shops and small companies in Pakistan’s cities, the market opportunity is substantial. The market is perfectly equipped to match Paymob’s requirements and goal to develop globally – and bridge the digital financial gap – with over four million SMEs employing just over 80,000 POS terminals and less than 3000 e-commerce payment gateways.

Atif Bajwa, President and CEO of Bank Alfalah, remarked at the signing event in Karachi:

Bank Alfalah is happy to be a part of one of Pakistan’s major Fintech collaborations with Paymob. Our partnership will serve thousands of merchants across Pakistan, and our industry-first “Tap-on-Phone” technology will enable us to reach even the most remote retailers.”

Paymob’s COO, Alain El-Hajj, said:

“For Paymob, this is a watershed moment. We are thrilled to work with Bank AlFalah, under its progressive leadership, to provide SMEs in Pakistan with dependable and seamless digital payment services. We hope to contribute to the shared objective of economic growth and SMEs’ digitalisation through this relationship.”

There are various favourable factors driving Pakistan’s market. GDP growth is expected to be 5-6 percent every year, with the total value of e-commerce consumer items increasing by 83 percent to US$3.9 billion in 2021. According to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, 101 million people in Pakistan use the internet, with 46 percent having broadband access and 85 percent (183 million) having mobile connections.

Due to its growing youth population, disruptive internet and smartphone penetration, consumer preferences for mobile phones and social media, a booming e-commerce market facilitating digital payments, and the financial system’s overall capacity for innovation, Pakistan has the potential for significant Fintech growth, according to the PIDE.

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