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PC Market will Face Supply Exceed Demand for The First Time in Years

In 2020 and 2021, the PC market enjoyed a good year before slowing down in 2022. According to Asus’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Rex Lee, this declining trend could last until the end of the year. According to the CMO, this year’s PC industry will see an excess of supply over demand, and Asus is taking the necessary precautions to guarantee its business remains steady.

According to an IT Home story citing the executive’s statements, Lee has warned that demand in the European, American, and Chinese PC markets is on the decline. If this trend continues until 2022, the PC market will have an overstock.

Asus stated during the company’s press conference that it intends to avoid oversupply while remaining competitive in the global PC market. The Taiwanese laptop manufacturer recently moved its focus to mid-range notebooks, such as the Zenbook 2022 series.

The Zenbook 2022 series is a line of premium mid-range laptops designed for clients looking for a high refresh rate OLED screen at a reasonable price. According to the CMO, Asus will focus more on India in 2022 because it is still one of the fastest-growing PC markets this year.

This is owing to market downturns in other parts of the world, such as Europe, which is suffering from the current Russia-Ukraine conflict. Due to COVID regulations, the Chinese market is likewise experiencing stalled growth, while North America is experiencing high inflation.

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