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PIA Launches New Website Beta Version And Mobile App



Pakistan International Airlines have served the country since years. It has always introduced new services for the people to have a better experience.

The news was hot that it is planning to upgrade its website. Since then people were waiting to see the new upgraded version of the site. Now that the site has been upgraded it looks fresh. It aims to provide a better online experience to users and provide them ease of online reservations.

The new upgraded version is in beta. The website is on trial period. The link to the website is provided on the formal site. The PIA authorities plan to launch it fully when they fix all the flaws and change things reported by users. It is estimated to launch in few weeks.

PIA has planned to offer preferred rates for reservations made through the website, which will allow passengers to make reservations up to 360 days in advance. So now you can plan and act on the plans easily without any issue of unavailability of seats.

As per the plans, in 2017 PIA will bring for you the facilities like buying extra baggage or checking-in online. This will make your flight easy, comfortable and really a better experience. The PIA android and Apple Apps are running smoothly and easily.

CEO Bernd Hildenbrand said, “This as a milestone in PIA’s effort towards improving its online sales and this new website is also a major step towards improving the brand image of PIA.”

Visit its new website:

Download New PIA App: Android Version

Now better service for you to avail is one click away. View the site and give your precious views for improvement.

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