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PITB Launches Free WiFi at Public Places in Lahore, Rawalpindi and Multan

Free WiFi


What can be better than a free Wi-Fi?

When Pakistani government announced to provide 200 free WiFi hotspots, the lads were quite happy. The announcement was made earlier this year. Wait is over PITB launched 200 Free WiFi Hotspots in Lahore, Multan and Rawalpindi.

Sajjad Ghani, Director IT at PITB said,

“Users will be authenticated by their ID and mobile numbers, after which they will receive a code via SMS to connect to the internet. We will avoid data hogging by making the internet subscription time barred and are still deciding the exact duration of the subscription as well as which websites will be accessible through this Wi-Fi.”

These hotspots are located at different educational and government institutions, public parks. Moreover different market places, hospitals, railway stations, airports and bus stations will get free WiFi.  It will be launched in other cities of Pakistan soon.

If you are afraid that Government agencies can also access your information, you need not to be.

Ghani said,

“We will only keep time and location logs so we are able to check them in-case of any terrorist activities. But browsing history and user data will not be saved or stored.”

So now people of the three cities can enjoy free Wi-Fi.

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