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Punjab Fix-It: PITB releases new mobile app to resolve Public and Civic Problems

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Punjab Information Technology Board, solves yet another problem of communication between public representatives and authorities to get their problems solved. Previously these people had to run behind government’s elected officials to get their work done but with this app the problems will be resolved soon without any hindrance.

Punjab Fix-It is a new mobile app that is to be installed in mobile phones of every chairman, deputy chairman and councilors of every union council. The PITB has introduced the app to fix problems of each union of Punjab more efficiently.

The application connects the public representatives to the relevant department to get their issues resolved. This will prove to be an efficient way to alert the departments and ask for their help.

As per the buzz the app aims to provide comfort of work for the public representatives. They don’t need to visit departments and bare the pain of nuisance. They will be able to report any problems to the departments by sitting at home.

In this way not only the representatives will be benefited but also the public. Now the problems of public will be solved in no time and solution of their issues will be just a single click away.

Chairman PITB, Dr. Umar Saif,

“Punjab Fix-It will help the newly-formed local governments to improve governance and resolve civic issues through technology intervention from the grassroots level in Punjab.”

Dr. Umar Saif advised the CM Punjab to pass the bills for such mobile app.

For the time, the app will connect to three departments that include Metropolitan Corporation Lahore (MCL), WASA (Water and Sanitation Agency) and LWMC (Lahore Waste Management Company). As time passes the app will be updated and will connect representatives to more departments.

Director General (IT Operations) PITB, Faisal Yousaf was if the view,

“After the test run is completed, the mobile application will be introduced across Punjab. The software will be available to download from Google Play store for android phones and will also be available for iOs users.”

How will it work

Following the three simple steps can solve the issues related to the problems.

The complaint will be registered and it will be forwarded to the relevant official. The official will look into the problem and try to solve it as soon as possible. After the issue is resolved the status of submitted complain will be changed to solved from complaint. The person who complained will be notified about the situation.

To make it more efficient, Fix-It has a administrative dashboard. The dashboard will monitor all activities. It will feature the complaints registered and steps being taken to relive them. It intends to feature the solved problems too.

Note: This tool will be available to all the high-level government officials.

PITB has already worked a lot to resolve public problems with introduction of judicial e-stamps, e-learn Punjab etc, and, it plans to continue the efforts in maintaining a good lifestyle of people living in Punjab.

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