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Now Send Quick Flash Messages and SMS on Truecaller


Now, you can send a message instantly if you are avoiding a call. Truecaller had introduced this feature that allows you to send a flashing message.

If you are busy or you are driving, you don’t need to write the full text. All you need to do is click the thunderbolt button next to the contact name and the flashing message will be sent. You can also send this message by T9 search.
Truecaller has now introduced new messaging and SMS Blocking Features.

Years ago, people used to communicate via letters that took days to reach the other person. With time, the communication became easier and quicker. The communication needs to be fast and easy.

True caller thus, adds new features and enables a person to send predetermined message. The message could be anything. It could be an emoji, a text that you are busy or something like, “I will be there at 10:00″, “Meet me at 9:00”, “I just reached home” or maybe “I am busy, wait!”.

In the new updated version of the true caller dark theme for flashing messages has been introduced.
Flashing messages don’t use you SMS package but surely your data bundle or Wi-Fi connection is required to send the text. It makes it quicker, efficient and a really great experience of communication.

Truecaller has updated the version and the latest version features a completely new style of messaging. It also includes the SMS filter and blocking feature. According to the facts about 1.2 trillion spam messages are sent each year across the world.

That makes 15% of the total messages sent. With the help of the app now you can know who is sending you the messages even if you don’t have their number saved in the phonebook. You can now easily block all spam numbers and filter out spam messages.

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You can download the free Truecaller app on popular platforms including Android or iOS.


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