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Sindh Traffic Police Launches Computerized Driving License System

Computerized Driving License


Technology rule is not far. Where media, electronics and technology is taking place of everything, this is something new.

After computerized NICs now IG of Sindh Mr. Allah Dino Khawaja has introduced a new computerized driving license system today.

The inauguration was done at the Clifton Branch of Driving License Office. At the ceremony Mr. Allah Dion Khawaja told about the aims for this step. In hi point of view it will reduce fake license and further decrease accidents and crime rate. He said, “This step was taken in order to deal with fake licenses and enhance transparency.”

The new system is really quick. It will be directly connected to NADRA and will generate a new license in just 40 minutes, whereas the old license can be renewed within 15 minutes.

.The payment for issuing or renewing of license can either be made by online transaction or through any bank.

To make it even easier for the people the Sindh Government has already introduced app called Driving License Sindh. This app allows people to get updates and alerts immediately. These computerized licenses will be acceptable globally.

It is another step towards technological revolution. Let us see where it leads us too? Definitely! Success!


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