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Top Startup Accelerator “Y Combinator” Wants More Water Startups


Top Startup Accelerator

The greatest and most well-known incubator around the world is now set to start the funding cycle Winter 2017.

It was already announced in 2016 that the applications are welcomed by all willing startups.

Y Combinator is all set to start the Winter Season 2017. The funding cycle will be held at Mountain View in California from Jan–Mar 2017.

This cycle is held twice a year for 3 months each. The investment is done on a different scale they have total funds of US$120,000. It doesn’t invest in a single company but there are several countries which get small shares of funds.

During the duration of three months the Silicon Valley is turned into residential area for the companies in which they invest. There the companies are guided to set their feet strong.

Coaches and mentors teach them how to make their business successful.

The whole cycle ends with a Demo Day. This day is the show day by companies about what they had learnt all these days.

Top Startup Accelerator Winter 2017 program is going to bring a chance for many rising startups to learn and achieve what they have aimed for.

Y Combinator wrote on their blog;

One area we think a lot about is water—natural fresh supplies could be at serious risk around the world. We’re close to a tipping point where technology will let us make clean water extremely abundant and cheap. We will create more than enough clean water for everyone in the world, for any use necessary.

Paul Graham founder Y Combinator further said;

We’d love to help founders working on this problem get there faster. Ideas could range from lower-cost desalination plants, novel purification technologies, smart irrigation systems, mechanisms to reduce water usage, or something completely different.

We’re now reviewing applications on a rolling basis, so you can apply here now –

Applications will be accepted on the basis of the most promising company. The company that had the ability to grow more and become successful a lot, will be added to the funding list.

As planned the Winter 2017 funding cycle will start from January and it will end in March. The cycle will be held in YC HQ in the beautiful mountain valley in California.

YC has always invested in companies of its interest. It has made 1081 investments in 982 companies. Now that is some sort of investment that needs to be done to stay powerful.

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