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Top 10 Trending Topics for Starting a Blog that Matters in 2017

Trending Topics


Writing is an art. Not everyone can write. A writer needs to read the minds of people and pen down something of interest. Writings should be loved by many and should be such that everyone could relate to. Every age group have various interests and the writings should be according to their life.

One of the most common questions we get from someone new to blogging is;

What topic should I write about?

This is the first thought comes in every blogger mind before starting a blog.  Here, we have gathered the top trending topics that most bloggers write about. Following that is an exclusive list of trending topics we added to help you make your final decision.

1. Give A Piece of Yourself: Personal life


Nothing entices People more than Life Story’s. Whether your life is a Joke or Romeo type affair, it would surely seem interesting to the readers. Other than this, writing about your life is easiest and an article wouldn’t take more than 20 minutes of your life. Add a bit of humor, crack some jokes or some paragraphs sharing your grief and you are all good to go.


2. Eat to live, Live to Eat: Food


It’s incredible how many food blogs exist, each day thousands of Dishes, previously unknown take internet by storm. Whether one is Obese or Skinny, shows interest in food or not, he craves for food for sure. Make your site, share some recipes, some insights, have a Bank Account and showoff with money.


3. Around the World: Travel


Who doesn’t like to travel across the World sitting in his own Bedroom? Talk about some Adventure, whether imaginative or real. If you have gone to somewhere interesting share your adventure, add some pictures and you are well and good to go. Writing travel blog is not so easy but its a fun.


4. The Real Jeeves: Professional Advice


People love to take others opinions, whether you are Intelligent or Crap. Make a Blog, allow people to Post Queries and write some crap in your Answer. Doesn’t matter people take it or not, you are bound to get success.


5. The Critique: Product reviews


What do people do before buying a Product? They just browse over the Internet to check for some Reviews. Make a website, Become a Critic, Publish some Views and enjoy your fame. You however have to be careful, a Good reviews sells, a bad one feels the Dust.


6. Offer Gold: Secrets To Making Money


Money has always been the hottest blog topic, whether be the 2nd Century or the 21st. Just propose some business ideas, easy to earn schemes or make some net jobs available. Doesn’t matter whether someone earns money through them or not, you surely would.


7. Save Time: Productivity


The only thing more valuable than Money is time for sure. Talk about some life hacks in your blog, give some advice on how to save time, make more sleep time available to your readers and rise to the top.


8. Staying in Style: Fashion


A girl isn’t a girl if she doesn’t care about Fashion. The hottest blog topic for any girl, whether living in the subcontinent or in Europe, has always been Fashion. Share the dresses in nowadays, some of your expertise, provide them with some ideas and your website is good to go.


9. Being a Mentor: How-To Guides


People look for guidance over the internet. On your how to guide blog, Share some tutorials, upload some videos, give some description and rise to fame. The benefit herein is that it is an idea requiring the least time.


10. Role Modeling: Fitness


The desire to attain fitness has taken the World by storm. Everyone wants to be fit and to do so people browse the internet! Make a Fitness and beauty blog, share some videos of Planks, Pushups and the ways to do them with ease.



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