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Traffic Challans Through CCTV Cameras Starting in Lahore

Traffic Challans


With increasing bribe rate the number of traffic challans decreased. It also caused many accidents in past few years. The traffic rules are one of the important rules people need to follow. They are not meant for others but for your own safety. To great disappointment these are also the rules that are broken most.

A new CCTV camera system is introduced in Lahore, that is to monitor the traffic violations and generate an automate Traffic Challans . Now no one can bribe police and get out of the sight. Traffic Challans will be automated and sent on the address of the person who breaks traffic rules.

Lahore is one of the largest cities of Pakistan with a large number of people accommodated there. To some it is a home town to others it is a place to find better job opportunities.  From students to tourists Lahore has had an increasing number of populations.  Being the capital of Punjab, Lahore is attracts everyone, this is the reason it is near to impossible to maintain traffic problems.

No doubt it is a developed city but it has narrow roads, noise, buses, cars, wagons, metro and especially bikes. All these are not easy to control at once. The problems started increasing in Lahore for traffic police. Traffic Jams became a regular routine and accidents became a must part of daily life.

This is why an e-ticketing system was the need of the hour.

The project was purposed but the final decision to carry out any such action had to be given by Chief Minister, Punjab Mr. Shebaz Sharif. After he permitted to take action the plan was implemented.

Times of over speeding are gone boys! Over speeding is one of the main causes of traffic problems and accidents. It results in wrong u-turns, breaking the signal or accidents. Now the CCTV cameras will be installed on traffic junctions. They will monitor any irregular behavior. These violations will be viewed by higher authorities and pending their approval, the e-ticket will be generated and sent to the culprit via courier service.

The photo of the incident and/or the picture of the number-plate will also be attached to the Traffic Challans ; to resolve any questions the person responsible might have regarding his/her involvement.

After 15 days of first challan issued, the person will need to clear the dues or the challan will be automatically regenerated. The second challan will be with fine. So the culprit will have to pay more money after due date. This set-up will essentially inject a healthy and a consistent generation of revenue for the Punjab government.

Drive safe and follow rules. Not just to stay safe from challan but because your life is important and so is the life of your fellows on the same road.


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