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Vivo Smartphone Officially Launched in Pakistan

Vivo Smartphone


Vivo Smartphone Officially Launched in Pakistan


Vivo is the 3rd largest smart phone brand in China. If the sale record is checked, Vivo stands 5th in global ranking.
The smartphone giant to launch its products in Pakistan.

Vivo has launched the top 3 smart phone in Pakistan to begin its operation in the country. The three smart phones come with Fun touch OS, beat selfie cameras and much more advanced features.

V5S, Y55S and Y53 are the three smart phones Vivo has introduced in Pakistan.

Vivo intends to give a one year warranty and it has initially launched its phones in the major cities of Pakistan and in the months to come it plans to launch the mobile phones in the other cities too.

Vivo also plans to provide 15 days replacement warranty. No smart phone company in Pakistan has taken the initiative before. Furthermore, it is offering 6 months warranty for the accessories provided with the smart phones.

The CEO of Vivo Pakistan, Mr. Eric said,

“Vivo has always ventured to pursue perfection and continues to deliver surprises. It is our attitude of producing products with details to make life easier and better. We are devoted to combine science and technology seamlessly into user lives.”

He further added,

“Pakistan is a market where people love to buy smart phones with best selfie cameras and their focus is on entertainment. For this reason, Vivo smart phones provide perfect selfie and hi-fi music along with a smooth user experience.”

Vivo has always tried its best to provide the best smart phones and also has made the thinnest smart phones. It has recognized the increasing craze if smart phones and thus is manufacturing the amazing pieces.

The achievements of Vivo are huge and in a press release these were mentioned the release read:

1) For the first time ever the China based brand launched a smart phone with 3D curved-glass screen

2) Vivo’s Hi-Fi music technology, Dual Cameras with Blur effects and the front Moonlight Selfie camera are a few other innovations to name.

3) Vivo Smartphone has also showcased world’s first Under Display Fingerprint Scanning Solution that eliminates the need of a dedicated button and works flawlessly under the glass or metal surface.

4) Vivo Smartphone has exclusive partnerships with FIFA for World Cup 2018, NBA and IPL Cricket Franchise for 2018-2022.

5) It is working with top models and celebrities.

About Vivo:

Vivo Smartphone is a young and energetic global smart phone brand focused on introducing products with amazing design and cutting-edge technology. Vivo products are well suited for dynamic, enthusiastic and fashion-conscious people.

The company focuses on providing the best selfie experience to its users, with top-notch performance and hi-fi music.

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