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Wasim Akram joins Careem as honorary CEO for a day

Wasim Akram joins Careem


Today a news on social media was viral and surprising that Wasim Akaram, a famous cricketer and swing master has joined ride hailing company Careem as a CEO. The news writers apparently forced people to believe that from today Careem will be operating by Swing master Wasim Akram.

Well, the news is true to some how but not exactly as it appeared on social media. Wasim Akram is joining Careem as a honorary CEO only for a day. As per leaked document and video on social media, Wasim Akram has been appointed as the Honorary Chief Executive Officer of Careem. This will continue only for a single day.



In the leaked video, Junaid Iqbal Managing Director Careem welcomes Wasim Akram as the CEO in the office of Careem. It is confirmed that the position is temporary and will end in a single day.

So you may were so curious about how Wasim Akram can help the ride-sharing company grow as he is cricketer. But now all is clear and confirmed, It doesn’t seem like. This breaking news seems to be only a goodwill gesture and can be a part of marketing tactics by Careem, there not any management change at all.

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