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WhatsApp beats Snapchat by reaching 175 million daily users

WhatsApp beats Snapchat


SnapChat is one of the most used social networking site. The craze of the social giant was at its peak over the few years but it won’t be wrong if we say that the craze is eventually fading out.

The reason can be mentioned that the tech giant’s most amazing feature of 10 second story was copied by Facebook. Facebook not only introduced it to its messenger app but also in the WhatsApp and Instagram. Here this is to mention that now Instagram and WhatsApp have more users and stories than the SnapChat.

If recent stats are compared a huge difference can be seen

in the active users of WhatsApp Status and SnapChat stories. WhatsApp status has managed to get 250 million monthly users whereas SnapChat has 166 millon monthly active users.

It was am intelligent move by Facebook to introduce the story feature  on all its platform. This way they increased business  over night.

Even that the stories are not the main feature if the platform it still experienced great users. The stats state WhatsApp has over 1 billion daily users and 1.3 billion monthly active users.

According to growth chart for today the Facebook revealed its earning to public for second quarter of 2017. The company made a revenue of $9.32 billion despite a slower user growth. Their revenue was 44.7% year-over-year as compared to 59 percent in Q2 2016.

Facebook is trying to find alternative ways of business and this is one of the smart way of getting job done.

With the increasing popularity if such stories SnapChat story seems to fade away. SnapChat has not introduce any new feature since time to increase the business.

We fear that if no strong step is taken, SnapChat might completely go out of the picture.


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