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WhatsApp will Soon Allow You to Use the Same Account on Multiple Phones



It’s been a while since a single WhatsApp account could be used on several devices (at least in desktops). With WhatsApp Multi-Device, you can utilise and maintain your WhatsApp account even if your phone doesn’t have an active internet connection.

Due to the fact that this feature is only available on desktops and PCs, Android tablet users and those with secondary handsets were left out. According to rumours, the WhatsApp multi-device capability will soon be available on secondary smart devices, such as tablets and phones.

WhatsApp suggested potentially syncing messages with other mobile Android devices in 2021. It presented a splash screen during setup indicating that your secondary WhatsApp installation is presently downloading recent messages, according to pictures acquired last year.

It was unclear at the time whether this feature would be limited to traditional secondary devices like tablets and Chromebooks. It is evident from this week’s screenshots that it will support mobile phones.

Do not get your expectations up too high, as WhatsApp reserves the right to remove this feature from the next version. Things appear to be progressing well at the moment, and we may soon have this feature.

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