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Wiki Loves Monuments 2016: Three Pakistani Photographers Among the 15 Winners

Wiki Loves Monuments is one of the world’s largest online photography competitions. People from all over the world participate online.

The competition is about the beauty a country has. Pakistan is a beautiful country and has splendid monuments. These monuments do not need any detailed introduction, their photographs speaks itself.

This year when WLM competition was held the total 277,365 entries were submitted by 10,748 participants.

The top 15 photos made it to the finals. And the good news is that 3 of the 15 finalists were from Pakistan. The Pakistani photographers were ranked as below:

The beauty of the pictures will render you speechless.

Muhammad Ashar’s Photo of the Pakistan Monument

To capture the beauty of Pakistan, Muhammad Ashar captured the photo of Pakistan Monument during the ‘blue hour’. Muhammad Ashar had to travel From Lahore to Islamabad. His picture looked outstanding and it was a total mesmerizing scene.


Usman Shahid’s Photo of the Tomb of Bibi Jawindi

Tomb of Bibi Jawindi attracts thousands of followers and is one of the most historical monuments. It was built in 1493 in Uch Sharif, Bahawalpur District, Pakistan. The picture was perfectly clicked and every part of picture reflected splendor.


Tahsin Shah’s Photo of Derawar Fort

Tahsin Shah had to travel 500km to capture the Derawar Fort, Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan. The picture showed a historical sight of a caravan. It was clicked at a perfect moment.

Did the photographs leave you marveling at their splendor? The three photographers have made us proud by winning at Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM) and promoting the beauty of Pakistan at the critical situation where Pakistan is facing so many problems. We are proud of our photographers and we congratulate them for achieving the positions in the competition.


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