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Wikipedia Reveals Most Edited Articles of the Year 2016



Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia. That enables people to write, read, and edit articles online. It is informative and useful. You can find vast information on the Wikipedia about various topics.

Wikipedia allows people to edit the information and now it has revealed the top six articles that have been edited most during 2016.

Under the title “Top edited English Wikipedia articles 2016″ 

The top articles that made it to list are:

Death is a continuous process. This year too it made it to the top of list. With the loss of many well known people the article was edited 18230 times till the date.

Donald Trump has been in a lot of news due to recent elections of United State. He became the President. The news also remained unbeatable on Wikipedia. His article got a total of 8933 edits and had a second position according to the list. Here is the full list.

Hillary Clinton was not left behind she managed it to the fourth position and Republican Party Presidential primaries maintained 5 position in the list.

At the sixth position was Orlando Nightclub shooting. A total of 5540 edits were made to the article.

Panama Papers was in the news whole year. With a total of 4659 edits it remained at seventh position.

PSL 2016 was a favorite topic of whole Pakistan. It remained at fourth position in the month of February and had total amendments of 1101. At ninth position in the month of December was Incidents of Pakistan Airlines. It was edited 538 times.

Wikipedia is free and is of much use. Search and increase your knowledge.


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