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Black Friday Pakistan


The Black Friday momentum has taken a huge shift for the best with Yayvo hyping up the Black Friday Pakistan event by introducing some mind blowing deals. They are shocking to behold as well as impressive since no one ever expected them to launch such an incredible set of new deals to amaze its customers.

These new premium deals are not just original in quality but in terms of idea also; since no other online shopping store has offered such items on Black Friday ever and that make this a huge success for Yayvo and its never ending followers.

Premium Deals: Honda Motorcycle CD 70 & Millat Gold

Let your gaze stream through the red shine of this brand new motorcycle which is going to be a definite sellout once this deal gets activated. Honda has really outdone itself with this top of the line premium motorcycle that is going to be the heartbeat of every young man until they have acquired this special deal.

Yayvo has struck gold and is presenting its shoppers with Millat gold bars. For those that are unaware, these are pure 100% gold bars that can be purchased in grams and saved for investment and other financial purposes. This is unlike any other shopping item that has ever been displayed on Black Friday. These gold bars can shape your financial future in many years to come and it will be available on Yayvo Black Friday.

These deals have been exemplary and special in the eyes of shoppers so much so that they have already been sold out. Not to worry, though … there are more amazing deals that are headed your way thanks to Yayvo Black Friday.


Dawlance Appliances – Upto 60% OFF

Get the entire range of Dawlance branded appliances from Yayvo as part of the amazing Black Friday deal package. Fridge, freezer, and microwave – it’s all available online at the finest discounted price rate.


Bluetooth Speaker – 50% OFF

The popular Huawei Bluetooth wireless speaker tech gadget is up for grabs this  Black Friday Pakistan in Yayvo with an exclusive deal of 50% off. Quality sound and entertainment never came so cheap and with such flawlessness.

LED TVs – Upto 30% OFF

Prepare to watch your favorite entertainment shows on large high definition screen LED TV sets. With up to 30% off this Black Friday, these deals should not be ignored under any circumstances.

Gaming Consoles – Upto 50% OFF

Gamers can rejoice as the Black Friday gaming consoles deals are rackling up a stellar discount of up to 50%.  Choose the best gaming console at almost half its usual price in this limited exclusive deal.

Samsung Mobiles, Audio Systems & Tabs – Upto 60% OFF

The Samsung tech treasure will be on sale on magnificent deals on their finest line of audio systems and tablets with a huge discount of up to 60% off.


iPhone 7 – Undisclosed

The smartphone of the hour –iPhone 7 is going to be live on Yayvo Black Friday and will be the biggest main attraction with respect to features and discounts.

Free Installation on AC & Geezers

Yes, even air conditioners and geezers are available on Black Friday with ACs going up to 25% off. Also, buying in means free installation with if bought from the exclusive Black Friday deal.

Men & Women Fashion Deals

Even though the motorcycle, gold bars and other deals sure are going to be the headliner of this Black Friday Pakistan, the fashion deals will be the present trendsetting items for sure. Yayvo has already promised to bring the best brands to the table and customers are expecting that and more. Given the great response of these new fashion deals that have been released, it is apparent that whatever comes next will blow our socks off.

Black Friday Pakistan – Your Main Shopping Solution

Keep out a sharp eye this Black Friday for Yayvo as the best week of your lives is about to start. For its not going to be one day but a whole complete ten days of Black Friday shopping starting 6 PM from 18-27 of November.

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