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Apple Decides You May Deserve a Free iPhone Repair

Free iPhone Repair


Over the years, Apple has wowed people with elegant designs and amazing software updates. The are the most durable smart phones. They try to keep their customers updated and make them feel at ease by providing the best customer care.

Yet there is no information about the kind of service provide by Apple when someone goes to their store to get their damaged iPhone repaired.

A business insider stated the process and service provided by Apple. The outlet leaked stated that Apple store receives the defected phone and then the technicians inspect the condition of phone to authenticate that the smart phone has not violated terms and conditions of warranty policy or has not exceeded the warranty date.

Then thy check it that the phone has either to be repaired or to be replaced entirely.

When your phone is having FaceTime camera foam misalignment than you can get your iPhone repaired at a very low cost. It takes a little more money to be repaired if the phone is experiencing problems with LCD or audio connectors.

If the terms and conditions of the warranty are violated the phone won’t be repaired under warranty.

A technician from the company has been reported to have said, “We have one just like that for all of the products. Used more for the physical inspection and how to determine the cost for damage. That’s basically half the training for iPhone techs.”

The terms of warranty are usually not in favour of the buyers and are not liked by them. The warranty lasts for a year only.

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